Unisex bathrooms and the start of a new school

So, like every other family who is starting school TOMORROW,  this mom is super busy. I made a video instead of writing out a blog post. It’s short (less than 90 seconds). And you get to judge my messy office.


2 thoughts on “Unisex bathrooms and the start of a new school

  1. Paul

    Good luck. I hope it goes well and that the school decides to care for its people rather than bowing to a perceived risk of negative publicity.

    1. Melissa McLaren Post author

      Hi Paul! As with anything, it will be a process. I think there is fear of negative publicity but also fear of the unknown. They want educated and I’m happy to do that and to put them into contact with the right people as well. Thanks for always being there as a source of encouragement.


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