static1.squarespace.comIf you are transgender and experiencing a crisis situation, please call the Transgender Crisis Hot line. The Trans Lifeline is staffed by transgender individuals who are ready to help you.
United States: 877-565-8860
Canada 877-330-6366

trevor-project-logoYou can also call The Trevor Project at 866-488-7386. Please, if you are suicidal, call one of these resources immediately. If you are not suicidal but are in a different crisis, please call them! If in doubt about whether or not to call, CALL THEM!

Ally Moms is a group of moms who have transgender children. If you need to reach out to hear a mom’s voice of support, then please check them out. They want to talk to you.


**These are the links to the resources in the Purple Transgender Binder of Awesomeness (last updated 5/13/16)

Transgender Guidance Document issued on May 15, 2016 by US Dept of Justice and Dept of Education

4th Circuit Court of Appeals Grimm vs Glouchester (Virginia case) dated April 19, 2016

Statements from the American Psychological Association
Fact Sheet: Gender Diversity and Transgender Identity in Adolescents

Fact Sheet: Gender Diversity and Transgender Identity in Children

Injustice at Every Turn: A Report of the National Transgender Discrimination Survey (I just gave

Schools in Transition: A Guide for Supporting Transgender Students in K-12 schools (Every school needs this, every parent needs to read it. If you are a parent, print this out and physically hand it to your child’s principal).

Washington DC School District June 2015 Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Policy Guidance



Welcoming Schools Information
Welcoming Schools  Main Page
Research Basis for Safe and Welcoming Schools
Gender and Children: A Place to Begin
Gender Expansive Children: Books to Help Adults Understand
Be Prepared for Questions and Put-Downs about Gender
An Overview of Laws and Policies that Support Safe and Welcoming Schools

School Assessment Tool
Take this link!

These are a few of the websites that I’ve found useful along our journey.

TransYouth Family Allies (TYFA)

Gender Spectrum

Camp Aranu’tiq

Children’s National Health Center


The Parents Project

Helpful Books for Parents (these are books that I’ve read personally and can vouch for)

The Transgender Child: A Handbook for Families and Professionals

Gender Born, Gender Made: Raising Healthy Gender-Nonconforming Children

Transitions of the Heart: Stories of Love, Struggle and Acceptance by Mothers of Transgender and Gender Variant Children (disclaimer: Melissa has a chapter in this book called A Twin Story)

You Are You

Books for children (again, I have read these and can recommend them)

Be Who You Are

I Am Jazz

Jacob’s New Dress

My Princess Boy

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