The Mom that Dropped the Mic

Sometimes (okay, oftentimes) other people say things WAY better than I do. This is one of those times. There are times that I get trapped by my own fears, by my concerns that my daughter is going to be pissed at me for saying too much, that something I say will lead someone to ourRead More »


Difficult Conversations

I’m not sure how other families steer their kids through social norms and conversational appropriateness, but in our house we talk pretty openly, though we try hard to keep things age-appropriate.  The word “transgender” floats through our house frequently, and Mike and I often find ourselves having discussions with the kids that I suspect aren’tRead More »


Awesome resource for you and your school

My friend Leslie over at Transparenthood recently helped develop a tool to help schools review the strengths and needs pertaining to the inclusion of and support to transgender and gender-awesome kids. I looked at it and I think it’s fantastic. I’m going to include it in the Purple Transgender Binder of Awesomeness but I wantedRead More »


Nomads No More

It’s so much fun to log onto your Facebook page on your birthday and see oodles of comments from your friends sending birthday wishes. Thank you so much! It’s cool to see posts from friends made over a decade ago, and friends I’ve made in the last few months. This birthday is very different fromRead More »


Discrimination equals bullying

It started with a frustrated question as I watched my daughter throw up (again). “Do transgender kids miss more school than their cisgender peers?” I posted it on my personal Facebook page and a friend immediately responded that kids who are bullied tend to miss more school. I started to type this statement: “To theRead More »


Why we can never go back to Menards

Yep, I know what’s happening in Missouri and Ohio. If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter then you’ve probably seen my posts. But, I need a break from thinking about those issues! So, I thought we’d take a walk down memory lane. I am hoping to start a little series entitled “Did I everRead More »


The Purple Transgender Binder of Awesomeness

The Twinadoes started fifth grade yesterday! It was with a 60/40 blend of trepidation and joy that I dropped them off at the door of another new school. While homeschooling was easier than I expected, I was pretty excited to have the house to myself for the first time in 6 months. The kids wereRead More »

Unisex bathrooms and the start of a new school

So, like every other family who is starting school TOMORROW,  this mom is super busy. I made a video instead of writing out a blog post. It’s short (less than 90 seconds). And you get to judge my messy office.  


The best birthday gift

Today, my kids celebrate their 10th birthday! My son will be going with my husband and my dad this afternoon to run some errands, have lunch, and probably belly up to a bar for a quick root beer. There will be a family dinner out at a place of the birthday boy’s choosing. My daughter,Read More »


Cutting down on screen time

Not every topic can be about transgender issues. Why? Because at the end of the day, we’re still a really typical family. During a recent interview, I was asked what I would want other people to know about us and my reply was that overall, we’re shockingly normal. So normal, in fact, that I thinkRead More »