Let the people pee!

Just bathrooms

AHHH!!  I love this so much!!  Having a husband who works with artists really comes in handy when we see a cool sign and want somebody to do something creative with it. Because I feel like we’ve already established that I’m a Pinterest fail waiting to happen. I’m not creative. I’m sciency. I don’t think that’s a word. But, I’m using it.

I was OVERJOYED that my first attempt at a Pride Cake turned out so well. No, I didn’t make it from scratch. That is boxed goodness you see before you.

I did it!!

I did it!!

But, this is so awesome I can hardly stand it. Huge thank you to StudioVonAshley for the awesome window pane art. The Mister posted a photo of a bathroom sign on his Facebook wall and I made a random comment about doing it for our house. Suddenly, there were text messages and then boom-we’ve got super awesome art. I never would have thought to put it on a window pane. I want to have people over now and casually walk them past our cool art. Because, you know, we’re grown ups and have cool art now.

And, truly, like everyone else, my daughter just wants to use the bathroom. She doesn’t have a political agenda. She’s not trying to stare at anyone else’s parts. She’s not part of a vast left-wing conspiracy.

She just needs to pee.

5 thoughts on “Just bathrooms

  1. Paul

    Great sign.

    Our local secondary school has an interesting take on toilets. There is a big open space with a row of sinks down the middle, with lines of cubicles (with full-height doors) down both sides.

    It’s a model of inclusivity.

    Except for the ‘boy’ sign over the left-hand row and the ‘girl’ sign over the right-hand row.

    I boggle.

  2. Lori Q.

    Hi Melissa!

    I commented to you a little a while ago say how great of a mother you are. I just disagree with you on this part.
    I don’t like that if a transchild is going to school and the school makes a unisex bathroom because of having a transchild in their school it can hurt the child. The child sees the other girls going to the girls room but she has to go to the unisex bathroom. I also think if a transchild is trying to go stealth this will harm the child because the other children will wonder why she is using a different bathroom.
    While I have never had any trouble using the ladies room, I would hate to think I was restricted from using one. I want to blend in and be seen as a woman. Not a transwoman, just a woman. I hope you understand what I mean. And please dont take my comment as being mean because I would never be mean to you. You are too awesome! I just disagree with this part.

    1. Melissa McLaren Post author

      Hi Lori! Thanks for the comment. So, I think we agree on the same thing. Sometimes it can be hard when we’re just communicating through comments. We love the glass panel because we don’t believe it’s right for trans individuals to have to use a unisex bathroom instead of the bathroom of their affirmed gender. When I look at the glass art, the message it says to me is that bathrooms aren’t a place to make assumptions about someone’s identity. I don’t understand why people have such an issue with using the bathroom of their gender identity. If you look at my recent posts, we’re working with our local school district to get the policy changed so that trans kids don’t have to use a unisex bathroom. I think it IS harmful to keep a trans child from the bathroom of their affirmed gender.

      1. Lori Q.

        Yes, I commented somewhere else on your site where I apologized. I misunderstood.
        About a year ago the mayor of Baltimore made it legal for transgender people to use the correct bathroom. People were upset about that. They said that now that it’s legal any child molester can put on a dress and go into the ladies room and molest a child. Or a rapist do the same thing. That’s why the people were upset. Of course I disagree with that thinking.


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